Helping Students to Reflect on What Has Been Learned

This is a fun way for learners to think about what has been done in class, free-write for 5 minutes, and then share their concerns with another class member.

This approach requires NO PREP! All you need is a little time to do this, and you are all set.

It is nice to have some music to play while learners are moving to better facilitate this approach.

To do this approach, have learners think about a particular prompt at the end of class, such as “what confused you,” “what was the best part of the lesson,” “what was the most important thing you learned.” Have learners free-write for 5 minutes on this prompt.

When that step is completed, have the learners get up and move while music is playing. When the music stops, the learner must talk with the person closest to them about their free writing. The learner does not have to read their free write, but dialogue needs to begin with the two partners.

Continue this for a few rounds so that multiple partnerships can be formed.

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