Henry Hudson Facts for Kids

Henry Hudson was a famous explorer who discovered new lands during his expeditions. He was born in England in the early 1560s and was known for his explorations of North America and the Arctic Ocean. He worked for various countries, including England, the Netherlands, and the Muscovy Company, and sailed on several important expeditions. Here are some interesting facts about Henry Hudson for kids:

Early Life

1. Henry Hudson was born in England around 1565.

2. He worked as a sea captain and navigator for various English merchants and the Muscovy Company.

3. He was married and had three sons.


4. In 1607, Hudson was hired by the Muscovy Company to find a new northeast passage to Asia via the Arctic Ocean.

5. During his first expedition, Hudson sailed on the Hopewell and discovered Jan Mayen Island in the Arctic Ocean.

6. In 1609, Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company to find a northwest passage to Asia via North America.

7. On his third expedition, Hudson sailed on the Half Moon and reached present-day New York City’s Hudson River, which was later named after him.

8. Hudson explored the Hudson River and traded with Native Americans for furs.

9. Hudson also explored present-day Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay.

10. During his fourth and final expedition, Hudson sailed on the Discovery and tried to find a northwest passage through the Arctic Ocean to Asia, but his crew mutinied, and he was abandoned in the Hudson Bay.

11. Hudson and his teenage son, John, and seven loyal crew members were set adrift in a small boat, and they never returned.


12. Henry Hudson’s discoveries were crucial for future explorations of North America.

13. The Hudson River and Hudson Bay are named after him.

14. Hudson’s explorations were documented in journals written by his crew members, which provide valuable information about life on board a ship during the 17th century.

15. Today, Henry Hudson is remembered for his bravery and determination in exploring unknown places and discovering new lands.

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