Here’s Why You Should Learn Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin is a tough one, isn’t it? Still, you wouldn’t believe how many people are adopting Mandarin Chinese as their second language.

What’s the point of learning it if it’s that tough?

Is it difficult to learn Mandarin?

It would not be wrong to say that learning to write in Chinese is hard, some Chinese think so too. However, speaking the language is nothing like that. Several features make Mandarin Chinese a lot easier to learn than any European language. Below are some of the features which ease the learning of Mandarin.

  • Subject/verb agreement not required
  • Plural forms not required
  • Conjugations not required
  • Tenses not required
  • Requires a simple numbering system applicable when expressing date and time.
  • Requires simple conditional sentences
  • Requires simple prepositions

Why should you learn Mandarin?

Now you know that Mandarin is not as difficult as it looks, you can proceed to find reasons to learn it. The primary reason should be that it is the world’s most widely-spoken language. Gaining proficiency in this language enables you to communicate with tons of people all over the world. Other reasons would be:

  • Business – People who are into business and can speak Mandarin have greater chances of getting into the Chinese market. Your ability to speak Mandarin will make it easier to build important relationships.
  • Travel – There are lots of fascinating travel opportunities in China and Taiwan. You would get along better if you speak Mandarin.
  • Culture – Stemming from centuries of history, the Chinese share an infinitely beautiful culture. Regardless of where your interest lies – architecture, cuisine, history or music, you would better appreciate the Chinese culture with the knowledge of Mandarin.

Chinese Characters

Mastering the Chinese Writing System can be rather challenging, but that’s a strong reason to try! In spite of how difficult it seems, taking up the challenge of learning to read and write in Chinese will help to develop your intellectual stimulation forever. Chinese is most beautiful in its written form. It comprises of thousands of characters which do not just occur randomly. They follow a systematic design, which, when understood, simplifies the puzzle of learning new characters.

Get over the fear and master Mandarin Chinese. It is a key that comes with great gains.

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