Hooray! Our Favorite Who Was? Biographies Are Now Graphic Novels


If you love getting lost in biographies of famous historical figures, then clear some space on your bookshelf, because our favorite Who Was? Biographies are now being transformed into graphic novels!

Who HQ’s Renowned Series:

Who HQ’s famous “Who Was?” biography series celebrates the lives and achievements of significant people from all around the world. This unparalleled collection has captured the minds and hearts of millions with its engaging storytelling and informational content. By presenting these biographies in a graphic novel format, the experience is visually enriched and even more captivating to readers of all ages.

The Appeal of Graphic Novels:

Graphic novels combine the strengths of visually compelling illustrations with engaging written narrative to create a unique reading experience. They have been lauded for their capacity to bring stories to life, effectively breaking down complex subjects into easily digestible bites. The vibrant illustrations enable readers to become engrossed in the world being presented, helping them better understand the subject matter and highlighting its importance.

How the Graphic Novel Format Benefits Who Was? Biographies:

The adaptation of the Who Was? Biographies into graphic novels comes with numerous benefits. The captivating visuals make history feel more accessible and enthralling to children and adults alike. The combination of illustrations and written narrative will assist readers in better understanding complex concepts, timelines, and relationships as they delve into hours of exciting content.

The New Collection:

Several beloved titles are draped in vibrant illustrations within this new graphic novel collection, including:

1. “Who Was Anne Frank?” by Ann Abramson

2. “Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?” by Roberta Edwards

3. “Who Was Isaac Newton?” by Janet Pascal

4. “Who Was Frida Kahlo?” by Sarah Fabiny

5. “Who was Nelson Mandela?” by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso

These volumes offer fresh portrayals with the same informative approach, making them ideal additions to readers’ bookshelves and libraries.


The launch of the Who Was? Graphic biographies marks a momentous occasion for both avid collectors and newcomers to the series. This format expands the accessibility and appeal to a wider audience, allowing readers to immerse themselves in their favorite biographies with a renewed perspective. So, head on over to your nearest bookstore and embark on exciting journeys into the lives of these inspiring figures through these beautifully illustrated graphic novels!

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