How Are You Really? 10 Ways To Check in on Your Teacher Friends Right Now

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, teachers are often under tremendous amounts of stress. As friends, it’s essential to check in on them and make sure they’re doing okay. Here are ten thoughtful ways to check in on your teacher friends and show that you care.

1. Send a thoughtful message: A simple text or email asking how they are can mean a lot to someone who may be feeling overwhelmed. Be genuine in your approach and show that you’re there to listen.

2. Schedule a coffee or lunch date: Set aside some time to catch up with your teacher friend face-to-face, whether it’s for a quick coffee or a leisurely meal.

3. Share resources or articles: Sharing helpful resources or articles related to education can provide valuable support for your teacher friend, especially if they’re struggling with a particular issue.

4. Offer help with errands or workload: Lighten the load for your overwhelmed friend by offering assistance with tasks like grading papers, running errands, or even making dinner.

5. Give them a call: Sometimes, hearing someone’s voice is all it takes to offer reassurance and support during challenging times. Make an effort to call your teacher friend regularly for a meaningful conversation.

6. Organize a surprise care package: Compile a care package filled with self-care items like candles, bath products, chocolates, or their favorite beverage as a thoughtful gesture.

7. Host a small gathering: Teachers may lack the time and energy for social outings— plan a low-key event at home so they can relax and enjoy some downtime away from school-related stress.

8. Participate in their hobbies: If your teacher friend has mentioned an interest in something outside of work like painting classes or hiking trails, make arrangements to join them in those activities as a show of solidarity and support.

9. Suggest a weekend getaway: Plan a surprise weekend trip to a nearby destination. This mini-vacation can help recharge their batteries and provide a much-needed escape from daily stressors.

10. Be present and listen: Sometimes, all your teacher friend may need is a listening ear. Provide that support by being present and genuinely listening when they open up about their struggles or accomplishments.

In conclusion, teachers need more than just a simple “How are you?” to truly gauge their well-being. Use these ten thoughtful ways to check in on your teacher friends and show them that you care about their mental and emotional health.

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