How Can Edtech Lead School Improvement?

Schools across the country are constantly looking for new ways they can improve education for students and teachers. In this modern age, it makes sense that many school districts would look to edtech for the answers. Is it possible that edtech could lead school improvement and promote better outcomes for students?

The reality is that edtech can be a powerful force in the classroom when it is used appropriately. School officials in charge of the purchasing decisions should really know how they can best use edtech to promote improvement among their students. You must know how to choose the right technology to make the dramatic impact that most schools desire. If you think that a major edtech purchase could improve your school, here are the things you need to know about how to make your purchase more successful.

Create a vision for your school.

Purchasing more edtech doesn’t do your school any good if you don’t know what you are trying to achieve. The first step to improving any school is to cast a real vision for your classrooms and district. You need to decide what needs your students and teachers have before you can move forward. Creating a vision and identifying measurable goals or objectives is the key to buying the right edtech for your classrooms. After all, this helps you identify which problems need to be solved first and narrows down which edtech items you really need.

Look for technology to support your goals.

The market is completely flooded with edtech programs and platforms that promise to help with a variety of needs. Many of these programs are extremely flashy and easily marketable, but they won’t all suit your school’s needs. You need to make sure that every program you investigate will relate directly back to one of your previously identified needs and goals. It may also be helpful to look for scalable technology.

One research study on the Edivate program (a scalable platform that can be adapted to many goals) demonstrated an 18.5 percent increase on standardized assessments. This demonstrates the importance of finding edtech that truly suits your school’s needs.

Search for edtech that has been tested and proven.

Your school isn’t likely to see improvement with programs that have not been thoroughly researched, tested, and proven to be effective. One of the major problems in the edtech community is that no one pays enough attention to the reliability of the systems that schools are adopting. Schools can spend a lot of money on edtech for a very small payoff when it comes to classroom management or test scores. If you want technology to help lead school improvement, it is essential to implement products that are demonstrated to help you achieve your overall vision.

Edtech holds the potential to be extremely beneficial for everyone in the learning community. It can help to improve how a classroom functions and boost student test scores. With the right platform, edtech can definitely pave the way for improvement in the classroom setting. However, schools must identify their own needs and perform extensive research to find the right tools that have already been tested and proven. This is no easy task, but the end results are ultimately worth it.



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