How Do AP Scores Affect Your College Career

AP tests are widely accepted among colleges. Good scores can provide you credits or allow you to skip courses. This also helps reduce your tuition fee. 

Whether you are thinking of taking an AP test or have already done so, here is everything you need to know about your scores. 

Test Scores 

AP tests give you scores from 1 to 5. One is the lowest score, while 5 is the highest. Any scores above 3 give you an edge over other students, improving your chances of admission. A score of 2 or less reduces your chances of admission. 

Regardless of your score, you will get a grade for that AP class from your high school. A transcript with a good AP score looks amazing. 

Benefits of AP Tests

AP scores are generally used for college credit or meeting certain course requirements. It impresses admissions officers that you have given your best in high school. Here are some benefits of AP tests. 

Course Credit

Many colleges take AP tests seriously and give you course credit for taking it. These credits are added to your graduation requirements. This allows you to take fewer courses in college. 

Colleges charge a lot of money for courses. With fewer courses, you can save a lot of money, allowing you to study in your favorite college with less money out of pocket. 

Meet Requirements

Some colleges don’t give you course credit for AP tests, but these tests can help you skip various courses, allowing you to study specialized classes immediately. For instance, you may don’t need to appear in a mandatory writing class if you have a good AP score. 

Respect of the Admissions Department

Even if you don’t benefit from an AP score, you at least get some respect from the admissions department. Most colleges respect you for pushing the limits, which helps with the admissions process. 

AP Awards

Let’s suppose that you have earned 3 or higher scores on at least three AP test subjects. What is the outcome? It could help you win an AP award from The College Board’s AP Scholar Awards

Unfortunately, you don’t earn any scholarship by winning an AP award. However, you appear as an AP Award winner on your AP score report, which gives you various benefits. There are many awards available, including AP Scholar for Distinction, AP Scholar with Honor, etc. 

Concluding Thoughts

AP scores display your efforts in high school and earn you respect. Apart from that respect, you can get course credit, which allows you to attend fewer college courses. You may also be allowed to skip initial courses. Instead, you will be asked to study specialized classes in your major.

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