How Do We Keep the Learning Going Right Up to Winter Break? The Principal’s Helpline


As we approach the winter break, maintaining students’ focus and engagement in learning can be challenging. The anticipation of holidays and the distractions that come with them often bring a decline in student productivity. However, it is imperative for educators to keep their students learning right up to the last day before winter break. This article shares tips and ideas gathered from an array of school principals who shared their insights on the Principal’s Helpline.

1. Implement Engaging Projects:

One strategy to keep students engaged is to introduce captivating projects that capture their interests while promoting collaboration and critical thinking. By creating assignments that are both fun and educational, students are more likely to stay focused on learning.

2. Mix It Up:

Changing up your teaching methods or introducing new classroom activities will help maintain students’ interest. Offer a variety of lessons such as debates, conversations, group projects or even competitions that encourage them to apply their knowledge in different contexts.

3. Connect Learning with Real-World Issues:

Connecting students with real-world issues can heighten their motivation and keep them interested in learning until the very end. Tying their studies with current events that affect their lives will help them understand the relevance of what they learn in school.

4. Encourage Festive Creativity:

Include festive activities into your lesson plans in a way that meets curriculum standards. Allow students to create holiday-themed artwork or practice their writing through crafting letters or stories related to the season.

5. Prioritize Mental Health:

The anticipation of winter break may lead to increased stress levels for some students due to exams or personal issues at home. Be sure to lend a listening ear and offer support so they can focus on learning during this critical period.

6. Keep a Structured Schedule:

Maintaining a structured routine up till winter break reinforces the importance of consistency in education, which can contribute to students’ continued focus. Incorporate consistent daily activities such as class meetings, brain breaks, and group reflection sessions.

7. Utilize Technology:

Make sure to leverage technology in your classroom to capture students’ interest through a different medium and provide exciting learning opportunities such as virtual field trips, online collaboration, gamification, or even interactive presentations.


Keeping the learning going right up to winter break is essential for maximizing student success. Through maintaining structure, utilizing an array of innovative strategies and focusing on mental health, principals and educators can ensure that their students are engaged and productive throughout this crucial time of the year.

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