How Do You Get to Know Your College Professors?

College professors can be inspiring or intimidating figures for students. But most professors like to teach and interact with students. That is why they have become professors. Maybe you are keen to get to know your professors but don’t know how to make the first move. Here are some tips to help you get to know your professors and develop a rewarding skill.

Attend Classes Every Day

Do not underestimate the benefit of attending class regularly. You may think that your professor might not notice your absence when there are 500 students in the lecture hall. However, if you aspire to get to know a professor, it is a good idea to be present in the class and let your face become familiar to them.

Submit Assignments Promptly

Make it a habit to complete assignments and submit them on time. Do not ask for extensions or turn in things late. If so, your professors will notice you for negative reasons. You do not want to give them an unappealing impression of yourself. Impress them with your outstanding work and timely submission of assignments.

Take Part in Classroom Discussions and Ask Questions

You can participate in classroom discussions and make your name, face, and voice familiar to your professors. You can ask relevant questions, express your ideas, and contribute to the class in different ways.

Meet Your Professors During Office Hours

Ask your professor for help and guide you in completing an assignment. Seek advice about a research paper. Do not be under the impression that you do not have anything to talk about with your college professors. Having a conversation is the first step to building a connection with them.

Listen to Your Professor’s Speech

Attend a club meeting or event where your professors are going to speak. Your professors may be involved in other campus activities besides teaching. Go and hear their lecture. Stay back and ask them something relevant to their speech or say thanks.

Get Permission to Sit In on Your Professor’s Classroom

You may want to become familiar with a professor to get some advice or guidance about some research work. They may be teaching other classes which you would like to take. In such a situation, you can ask them to allow you to sit in on a class during the semester. It will give you a chance to converse with your professors and show that you like their field of study.


Various reasons may prompt you to befriend your college professors. If you want to get to know them, you have to make some positive efforts to become familiar with them as an individual. Make it a point to attend their classes regularly and submit your assignments on time. Take part in classroom discussions and listen to the lectures of your professors at various events. You can meet them during office hours and strike up a conversation with them.

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