How Dyslexia Affects Certain Skills

While most people know about dyslexia and how it can affect your reading skills, other skills are affected by dyslexia. Some of the essential skills it may affect are the ability to build self-esteem and other social skills.

Read with us to see what other skills can be affected by dyslexia which most people overlook.

Affecting Social Skills

There are up to 5 ways dyslexia can affect social skills and make life a bit more difficult for those who have dyslexia.

  1. Because people with dyslexia are struggling to read, this causes them to know fewer words than other people. This may lead them not to understand a joke or may have difficulty understanding puns and idioms.
  2. They may also find it challenging to find the right words when expressing themselves, leading to frustration. This may especially happen when the conversation is fast, and they struggle to find the right word that fits their mood.
  3. Those with dyslexia may have difficulty reading body language and facial expressions, so they cannot determine how others feel. This may become a problem for them when they miss social cues and feel incompetent and unable to cope with everyday life.
  4. Sending messages to friends on their phones may be difficult because they do not understand the abbreviations used. This may cause them to shy away from social media on their phone and may be seen as anti-social by others.
  5. People with dyslexia also tend to misremember things, so they cannot understand what people meant when saying something. They will have a hard time remembering specific details and how things were said, so they may keep to themselves and be alone to prevent embarrassment.

Other Affects Dyslexia May Have

There are several other things dyslexia may have an effect on for those who struggle with this disability.

  • Making and keeping friends may be a problem for them because many people do not understand them.
  • They can also sometimes not tell left from right, making them look dumb, and people may laugh at them.
  • People with dyslexia may have difficulty staying on the topic because of their lack of social words.
  • They may also have a problem with rhyming, making them look foolish, especially in the classroom.


Self-esteem may be the biggest problem with people with dyslexia, which may cause them to withdraw into a corner. This will cause other problems such as not feeling ready to go to school and face other children and the teachers.

Concluding Thoughts

There are so many other skills in a person with dyslexia that can be affected by it and not just reading. These people have more challenges on a typical day that other people don’t even know about, making their social lives stressful.

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