How Education Technology Can Increase Learner Engagement

Learners not paying attention to their educators is an age-old problem. Pre-tech that meant passing notes rather than taking notes. It’s that kind of activity coupled with zoning out or not caring. Kids today are used to instant gratification via tech, making classroom teaching harder than it’s ever been in the past.

So how can educators capture the attention of their learners and keep it?

Tech Solution?

According to the Software and Info Industry Association, the US alone spends more than $8 billion yearly on edtech. Spending on Education technology isn’t new, but the focus on incorporating learner engagement platforms is catching on. New and updated versions are being developed to address the issue of gaining and maintaining learners’ attention. 

Platforms can be leveraged to increase learner involvement, implemented via mobile computing devices. The goal is to focus on the issue of unengaged learners head-on with interactive immersion. Teaching platforms that enable accessibility on any device and permit the professor to move during lectures ask questions, and more are available. 

Education Technology Engagement Examples

The Education technology platform Top Hat recently updated its lecture feature to allow for various kinds of quiz questions, discussion forums, attendance trackers, collaboration tools. Reading assignments can now be revised and remixed to provide professors with full control over course content. 

The inclusion of a discussion roundtable and customized content helps to diversify the way material is presented. Interactive texts also assist in engaging learners in the material, even outside of the classroom. Additionally, instructors and learners have access to the Content Marketplace, to which professors and professionals collaboratively add content. You browse the marketplace by subject matter and access relevant content in an instant. 

This is just an example of a way that tech is being leveraged to keep learners engaged. When done right, these platforms also make life a whole lot easier for educators

The Learner Data Connection

Engagement platforms can gather large amounts of data in real-time. Learners aren’t put on the spot due to the relative anonymity many platforms can provide. Learners can see how their opinions differ from the rest of the class, instructors, and edtech professionals. Interactive content and the capacity to assess how learners are progressing ensure learners remain involved and engaged. Correctly executed interactive tech can be an extraordinary tool for evaluations without the stress of traditional quizzes or exams. Interactive tech can capture learners’ attention and serve as a break from formal lectures, while still remaining on course with lesson plans.

The need to innovate, lead, and capture learners’ attention is being solved with engagement platforms. Higher education professionals are uniquely positioned to improve the university experience by revolutionizing the way classes are taught. Higher education enrollment numbers continue to rise, and administrations seek professors who nurture connections in and out of the classroom.

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