How Education Technology is Transforming K-12 Athletics

Physical education educators have their work cut out for them. They deal with a variety of issues, from lack of interest to body issues. As a result, most educators turn to educational tech to improve physical education classes and entire K-12 athletic programs. The following is a list of tools that are proving to be transformational at all levels of athletics. 

1. Using fitness trackersFitness trackers, such as pedometers and health monitors, helps keep learners actively involved in their health and fitness. Through these inexpensive devices, learners can track steps and monitor their progress, empowering them to stay be aware of the implications of their health choices. 

2. Video servicesA considerable benefit of videos is that most can be found free online, offering educators and coaches a range of easy-to-access resources. If you want to teach something, it can be found on YouTube. These are often tailored to specific age groups, enabling ultimate modification and adaptation of instruction. 

3. GamesGames are the future wave of physical education and athletics, enabling trainers to teach through fun activities. These can be used as an entire class or independently and enable more introverted and less motivated learners to interact with athletics with their peers. 

4. OutreachEducational tech enables greater innovation and classroom modifications at the school-wide level and provides an excellent networking opportunity between schools. By sharing platforms such as Google Docs or Google Sheets, or other interactive software, coaches can share game schedules, strategies, and other tools. Some schools are even using tech as they prepare to send learners on to the next level. Most are utilizing virtual reality to help learner-athletes see what it will be like to play on a college athletic field. 

As education tech continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly continue to impact all aspects of the school day. Education tech isn’t just about classroom learning. It’s about training all learners to be active members of the digital world even as they are working to stay healthy and fit.  

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