How Effective is Your Edtech Tool? Five Questions to Ask

Education tech, or education technology, is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the classroom. However, educators mustn’t purchase just any tech. They need to ensure that it will suit the needs and wants of the learners in their class. 

This piece will examine 5 questions that you should ask yourself before incorporating an education technology tool into your lessons. This will help you determine how effective the tech will be for your learners. 

Who are the Learners?

This is the first question to yourself when using education technology. There is no point in buying or using a tool that will not meet the learners’ needs or wants. 

You should think about any learning styles or disabilities that your learners have. For example, if most of your learners respond well to visual lessons, you could consider video or image-based learning devices. 

What are Your Students Learning?

You will also need to contemplate what subject you teach or plan on using the education technology to teach. For example, purchasing an image-based learning device might not be the best idea for a mathematics educator. 

How Is The Tool Used?

You will need to ponder about how you use the education technology tool in your classroom. Do you rely solely on the tech for your teaching, or do you only use it only occasionally? 

It is recommended that you adjust your lessons to provide the learners with a more diverse and engaging education. You will need to learn how the tech works before implementing it into your lessons. 

How Does Tech Assist?

You will then need to ponder about which segments of work you use the tech for and which teaching resources you make use of. How does the tech enhance the learning of your learners during these lessons? 

You also need to anticipate how the tool displays the teaching materials to the learners. For example, if the kids prefer being taught via the whiteboard, your tech tool is obviously ineffective. 

How Popular is the Tool?

Do the learners in your class enjoy using the education technology tool? If they moan every time you mention it, it is clear that the tech is not satisfactory. Closely monitor the grades of your learners before and after introducing the education technology tool. If the findings improve, it could be a sign that the tech is useful. 


If you are unsure whether your education technology tool is effective, consider whether or not the tech helps the learners and how popular it is. 

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