How Learners Use YouTube To Advance Their Learning

Companies are always coming out with new and innovative apps that can help learners in their studies. Most learners rely on YouTube for additional support when it comes to their work. There are various reasons for this – the biggest is that different YouTube channels are dedicated to posting educational videos. 

On top of this, the platform is beneficial in many ways. In this piece, we will be examining how learners use YouTube to advance their learning experience. 

Various YouTube Channels Post Videos Relating to School Content

As we have already mentioned, various YouTube channels, such as Khan Academy and TED-Ed, post videos relating to content taught in schools. Most learners who struggle to understand a particular section turn to these videos for additional support. 

Also, not all learners understand the teaching methods of certain educators. For example, if an educator discusses the work with the class, learners who learn best via images and videos will not have their learning needs met. In this way, YouTube can be used to describe work differently. 

YouTube Videos Can Teach Practical Work That Cannot Be Completed by the Learners

Many syllabi include practical work. For example, in a science class, learners will be required to complete an investigation and record the project results. 

However, these practical tasks can’t always be completed in class, as most schools do not have the appropriate equipment. Additionally, some learners may miss the work for various reasons. In these cases, YouTube can be used to watch other people complete the practical work. They will then be able to answer any questions they may have based on what they saw.  

YouTube Videos Can Be Used to Bring Versatility Into the Classroom 

This platform can be a great way to meet the needs of all the learners in the class. As we have already mentioned, some learners learn better when taught using videos, images and other visual presentations. In this way, YouTube videos can be used in the classroom to foster versatility and diversity. 

YouTube Videos Can Be Used to Introduce New Sections of Work to Learners

Most educators enjoy using YouTube videos to introduce new sections of work to learners. Videos are often the perfect way to set a base for a complicated lesson, as they can provide learners with a visual presentation. 


Most learners and schools use YouTube to enhance learning in the classroom. There are various ways in which this platform can be beneficial in advancing learning. For example, different YouTube channels, such as Khan Academy and TED-Ed, post videos relating to school content. 

These videos are also perfect for introducing new work sections to learners and bringing versatility to the classroom. Lastly, YouTube videos can teach practical work to learners when schools do not have the necessary equipment.

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