How to Assign Roles for a Group Work Teaching Strategy in Your Classroom


Assigning learner’s roles can be an effective way to structure group work. Sometimes, specific learners assume too much responsibility for a group’s work, while other learners may be hesitant to participate in the group’s activities. Assigning roles helps to disseminate responsibility among group members and makes all learners’ accountable for their participation. As learners practice different functions, they have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills.


  1. Determine the Roles You Need: The roles must include facilitator, recorder, presenter, timekeeper, and artist.
  2. Provide Learners with Expectations for Roles: Before you introduce the rules, provide clear and transparent instructions for the responsibilities that are included in the assignment.
  3. Debrief and Assess: Through a discussion or writing, ask learners to reflect on their experiences with the learning activity. Which roles are they most comfortable in? Which parts are most challenging for them? Learners may also have ideas about new positions that must be assigned.
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