How to Become a Comedian in Seven Steps (Plus Job Duties)

Becoming a comedian is no easy feat, but with the right combination of perseverance, dedication, and hard work, you can turn your dreams of bringing laughter and joy to others into a reality. Whether you’re an aspiring stand-up comedian or an improviser, there are some key steps that you’ll need to take to become a successful comedian. Here is a guide on how to become a comedian in seven steps, plus a breakdown of typical job duties.

Step 1: Attend comedy shows
The best way to learn the art of comedy is to attend comedy shows. Make a point to watch professional comedians do their thing on stage and observe the techniques they use to engage the audience. Get out of your comfort zone and attend shows in different venues and locations to get a feel for different styles of comedy.

Step 2: Develop your own style
After observing other comedians, decide what kind of comedian you want to be. Do you want to do stand-up? Improv? Sketch? Once you’ve chosen the kind of comedy you want to do, start writing your own material and practicing your delivery.

Step 3: Take comedy classes
Consider enrolling in a comedy class or workshop to hone your craft. This is particularly useful for those who want to pursue stand-up comedy as it can provide you valuable feedback and guidance that can help you develop your comedic style and delivery.

Step 4: Record yourself
Another great way to improve your skills as a comedian is to record yourself. Listen to your recordings and make notes of your weaknesses, as well as your strengths, and use this feedback to guide your practice.

Step 5: Perform at open mics
Once you have the basics down, start performing your material at open mics. This is a great way to get valuable stage time and develop your comedic voice.

Step 6: Network
Networking is key to becoming a successful comedian. Connect with other comedians in your area and attend industry events to make contacts.

7: Get an agent
When you’re ready to take the next step, get an agent who can help you book gigs, manage your career, and negotiate deals.

Job Duties
As a comedian, your job duties will vary depending on the type of comedy you do. Generally, you’ll be responsible for writing, performing, and promoting your comedy material. Stand-up comedians need to create and develop their comedic voices, while improvisers and sketch comedians need to create and perform comedic skits with others. You’ll also need to promote yourself and your material to venues and potential fans and manage your career. Becoming a successful comedian takes time and hard work, but with these seven steps and job duties in mind, you can achieve your goals of bringing laughter and joy to others. Best of luck!

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