How To Become a Medical Examiner

Medical examiners are highly trained professionals who work in the field of forensic science. They are responsible for investigating deaths and providing forensic analysis of these deaths . Becoming a medical examiner requires a great deal of education, dedication, and hard work. Here is a guide to becoming a medical examiner.

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step is to earn a bachelor’s degree in a field related to science or medicine. A degree in forensic science, biology, chemistry, or a related field is ideal. You should plan to take a variety of classes in science, anatomy, and related subjects.

Step 2: Pursue a Medical Degree

To earn a medical degree, you must attend medical school and pass all of the necessary medical exams. The medical degree must be in pathology, which is the study of disease.

Step 3: Obtain a Fellowship

To become a medical examiner, you will need to pursue a fellowship in forensic pathology. This is typically done at a medical school or university. During the fellowship, you will learn the techniques and methods used to investigate deaths.

Step 4: Obtain Certification

Once you have completed the fellowship, you will need to obtain certification from the American Board of Pathology. This certification is proof that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to work as a medical examiner.

Step 5: Get a Job

Once you have obtained certification, you can find a job as a medical examiner by applying to local, state, or federal agencies. You can also find a job through a private company or medical facility.

Becoming a medical examiner is a long and difficult process, but it can be incredibly rewarding. With dedication and hard work, you can become an expert in the field of forensic science and help to provide justice to those who have suffered from a tragedy. 

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