How to Become an Education Administrator in Alabama

Learn how to become an Education Administrator or School Principal in Alabama.

There are 2 primary avenues to licensure: 1.) Through an authorized state-authorized education administrator program or 2.) Through reciprocity agreements (see Alabama Educator Reciprocity).

The following are fundamental guidelines for the first approach through a state-authorized education administrator program.

Academic Obligations

There are 2 tiers of Professional Leadership Certification in the state of Alabama: Class A and Class AA. Both classes are connected with different pay structures (exact pay will depend on the county where you wish to become an education administrator or school principal – make contact with your desired county to learn the exact compensation).

The following are educational obligations for each licensure Class:

** The licensure officer from your school will help guide you through the licensure application process as well as be the person who recommends you for licensure to the Alabama Department of Education.


After successfully completing your authorized educator education, you will need to successfully complete the appropriate Alabama Prospective Educator Testing Program or APTTP for Professional Leadership Certification. The APTTP is a testing program to ensure new educators and education administrators are proficient in fundamental skills and subject knowledge required to perform the jobs associated with the Professional Leadership Certification.

To learn additional info about registering for the fundamental skills assessment and find answers to any queries you may have, make contact with the Alabama Department of Education Educator Certification Division at [email protected] or telephone at (334) 353-8567.

Classroom Teaching Experience Requirements

For the traditional approach to licensure (through an Alabama teaching licensure program), you will be completing a practicum required for the successful completion of your education program.

Background Check Requirements

All applicants for professional leadership licensure in Alabama will have to successfully complete a Background Check Requirements through the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The licensure applicant will be fingerprinted and will need to authorize their criminal history info to be sent for review by the Alabama Department of Education.

Cutoff Dates

The deadline for submitting your application is 60 calendar months from your professional leadership education program’s successful completion.

If an incomplete application is sent, you have 12 calendar months from the letter’s send date from the Office of Certification, indicating the required items missing from your application. If all required items are not sent within 12 months, you must reapply and repay the application processing fee.

State Contacts

An educator licensure officer can answer most info regarding school principal licensure and education administrator licensure obligations and procedures.

If you have further queries and concerns regarding earning your education administrator licensure, make contact with the Alabama Department of Education by phone: (334) 242-9977 or through their website.

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