How to Become an Education Administrator in Georgia

Learn how to become an Education Administrator or School Principal in Georgia.

If you want to serve in an educational leadership capacity in Georgia, at the building or district level, you must obtain educational leadership licensure.

Academic Obligations

You must possess a master’s or doctoral degree in educational leadership to become fully licensed as an education administrator.

  • If you possess a master’s degree from an educational leadership program, the program you complete must be authorized by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and meet the standards of the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) as adopted by the National Council for the Accreditation of Educator Education (NCATE).
  • Suppose you hold a master’s degree in another education field. In that case, you must also successfully complete at least six semester hours of courses in school law and ethics, organizational leadership, teaching and learning, and using data in the school improvement process, before enrollment in the mandatory educational leadership program.
    • If you possess a master’s degree in another education area, you will complete your education and experience obligations while working in a leadership position in a Georgia school system. You will receive a Non-Renewable Certificate while complete the program. This certificate is valid for 5 years. Once you have filled out a state-authorized educational leadership program, and met all Georgia special obligations, you will receive a Clear Certificate in Educational Leadership.

To work as a Superintendent, you must successfully complete the educational leadership program at both the building and district levels.


During the practicum portion of your educational leadership program, you will be given performance Assessments from time to time. Additionally, you must successfully complete both parts of the GACE Content Assessment for Educational Leadership. To work as a Superintendent, you must successfully complete the Assessments at both the building and district levels.

Classroom Teaching Experience Requirements

You must successfully complete a residency requirement to become licensed in educational Leadership. This involves a planned, guided practicum in a school system in which you get the chance to apply what you have learned in your educational leadership program to real-life situations.

Document and Application Requirements

To obtain licensure in educational leadership, you must complete the Application for Certification form, and send it along with your official transcripts and score reports to Georgia PSC Certification Section, Two Peachtree Street, Suite 6000, Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3141.

Background Check Requirements

Before you acquire your education administrator license, you must undergo a criminal history background check.

State Contacts

For additional info on authorized educational leadership programs in Georgia, search this database.

For additional info on educational leadership licensure in Georgia, make contact with the Certification Section at 404-232-2500.

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