How to Become an Education Administrator in Minnesota

Learn how to become an Education Administrator or School Principal in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Education Educator Licensing Division provides Education Administrator Licenses at the Superintendent and School principal level to qualified applicants.

Academic Obligations

You must graduate from a state-authorized education administrator preparation program, with internship and student teaching portions.


No Assessments are required for administrative licensure in Minnesota.

Classroom Teaching Experience Requirements

If you want to become a licensed superintendent or school principal, you must have  3 years of classroom teaching experience. Student teaching and internship experience do not apply to fulfilling this requirement.

Document and Application Requirements

Apply online for administrative licensure in Minnesota, and submit the materials listed below to the DOE:

  • Official college transcripts showing completion of a state-authorized education administrator preparation program and human relations component
  • Finished fingerprint card (see below)
  • Authentication of employment
  • Authentication of successful completion of a state-authorized education administrator preparation program, completed and signed by an official at your institution

Initial administrative licenses in Minnesota are valid for 2 years. After you work for 1 year in the licensure field, you may apply for a 5-year license with your superintendent or personnel officer’s approval.

Background Check Requirements

If you apply for an administrative license in Minnesota, you must undergo a full criminal history background check, including fingerprinting. Ask for a fingerprint card by make contact withing Educator Licensing at 651-582-8691 or by emailing [email protected].

State Contacts

For additional info on administrative licensure in Minnesota, contact the Educator Licensing Division at 651-582-8691 or [email protected].

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