How to Become an Education Administrator in Oregon

Learn how to become an Education Administrator or School Principal in Oregon.

The Oregon Educator Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) issues education administrator licenses for those who wish to serve as School principals (Administrators) and Superintendents.

Academic Obligations

School principal: You must possess at least a master’s degree and successfully complete a TSPC-authorized education administrator program and an initial graduate program in school administration.

Superintendent: You must possess at least a master’s degree successfully complete a TSPC-authorized advanced program in administrative skills. This must consist of at least 18 semester hours of graduate school credit.


Both aspiring School principals and Superintendents must pass a test on your knowledge of U.S. and Oregon civil rights laws, as well as the Oregon Educator Licensure Assessment for Administrators.

Classroom Teaching Experience Requirements

School principal: You must possess at least 3 years of experience as a licensed educator.

Superintendent: You must possess at least 3 years of school administration experience.

Documents and Application Requirements

Ask for the Administrator Application Packet here. Submit official transcripts from your education administrator preparation program and a Program Completion Report filled out by officials from your administration preparation program recommending your licensure. Fill out the 3-page application thoroughly, sign and date it within 60 days of sending it to the Oregon TSPC. Mail it to Oregon Educator Standards and Practices Commission, 250 Division St. NE, Salem, OR 97301.

Background Check Requirements

Before you acquire your first-time education administrator license, you must undergo a criminal history background check.

State Contacts

Contact schools for additional info on TSPC-authorized education administrator preparation programs.

For additional info on administrative licensing in Oregon, contact the TSPC at 503-378-3586 or make contact [email protected].

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