How to Brag About Your Teaching in Order to Lift the Profession


In a world where accomplishments are celebrated and shared with almost everyone, it is essential for teachers to learn how to showcase their achievements and brag about their teaching for the betterment of the profession. This article will navigate you through practical ways to promote your work, build your reputation, and contribute to raising the status of the teaching profession. Your journey in transforming education starts now!

1. Develop a professional portfolio:

A professional portfolio is an organized and curated collection of your teaching artifacts and experiences. This could include lesson plans, student work, classroom activities, assessments, reflections, and awards or recognitions. Having a professional portfolio not only helps you keep track of your accomplishments but also serves as a great tool for sharing your success stories with others.

2. Share your success stories on social media:

Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share your educational milestones and achievements. This can range from sharing news about an award you received to posting compelling student stories and classroom moments that highlight your dedication to education.

3. Create a blog or website:

Design a blog or website where you can regularly post articles or updates reflecting on your teaching practices, classroom innovations, or successful projects. This public platform allows you to connect with other educators while also showcasing the impressive work happening within your classroom.

4. Present at conferences and webinars:

Submitting proposals and presenting at local, national, or international conferences gives you an opportunity to not only showcase your teaching practices but also contribute to educational conversations in a larger context. Attending webinars or hosting them can also help demonstrate your expertise while engaging with an audience interested in learning from your experiences.

5. Network with fellow educators:

Bragging about teaching is not just about showcasing accomplishments but also developing meaningful connections with like-minded professionals who appreciate and understand the value of education. By networking in person or online, you can create relationships with educators who share your passion for teaching and can help elevate the profession together.

6. Collaborate on educational projects:

Working with other educators to co-teach, develop cross-curricular projects, or create resources in collaboration can help invigorate your professional development while also amplifying your positive impact on the education system. Through teamwork, you are not just promoting your individual accomplishments but advocating for collective growth within the profession.

7. Advocate for educational policies and reforms:

Take part in local school boards, committees, or associations devoted to shaping educational policies and reforms in your community. By advocating for necessary changes and improvements in education, you are demonstrating a strong commitment to the profession while also contributing to its advancement.


Bragging about teaching is not an ego-boosting exercise but rather a strategic approach to elevate the perception of the teaching profession. When done effectively, it contributes to professional development, fosters learning communities, and ultimately inspires change throughout the world of education. So go ahead – brag about your teaching accomplishments and start lifting the profession today!

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