How to Break into the South American Edtech Market

Edtech entrepreneurs are now eyeing the South American countries as prime targets for their programs. It seems like an excellent opportunity to make a difference with the education that can be offered through edtech platforms. There are more than 600 million people in South America and close to half have smartphones. This statistic alone proves that it may be time to start expanding academic opportunities into these educationally-impoverished countries.

If you are ready to take on the challenge of breaking into the South American edtech market, you need to do your homework. Here are a few things you need to consider before you begin.

Use Common Spanish

The entire South American area is divided up into just two languages, Spanish and Portuguese. Inside of these two languages, each region is bound to have their own dialect of Spanish that would be difficult to imitate for a countrywide platform. Using common Spanish is the simplest way to ensure that your product will be understood by everyone. This can prevent you from developing multiple versions of your edtech for individual countries.

Offer Local Payment Choices

People are still skeptical about making foreign purchases, especially when it comes to expensive items like edtech. They might be hesitant to supply your brand with their credit card information. In fact, only thirty percent of cardholders in Brazil are able to make international purchases, but they come with a 6.38 percent tax. People in the South American market will need some local payment options, including the ability to make installments. Be certain to research what the financial market is like in each country before setting up a payment structure.

You should also make sure to convert all costs into the local currency. Some platforms can help you automatically adjust the currency to each country. If you are insistent upon using one that does not, this is an important step that you can’t skip. People have to understand how much your edtech will cost them before they can make a buying decision.

Prepare for Inflation

Many South American countries struggle with volatile financial markets with heavy inflation. If you plan to break into the edtech market in South America, you must be prepared for the constantly changing inflation rates. This means that you will need to stay abreast of any current changes so you can modify your prices accordingly. In order to prevent losing money, you will need to be prepared to make quick price changes. Be aware that this may not be met with a favorable response.

Breaking into the South American edtech market requires a little more planning. You must consider all of the language variations, payment plans, and the overall health of the financial market. All of these factors contribute to the success of your edtech company among the Latin American countries. Be prepared for everything that could possibly come your way before you begin marketing to this new sector.

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