How to Build Strong Relationships During the Education Technology Coaching

More and more educators are using Education technology as schools and tech advance. Educators must correctly and successfully use this tech to get the most out of it in the classroom. 

This piece will discuss how educators can build good relationships during the education technology coaching process. 

Ask For Help

It is imperative that educators feel comfortable enough to ask questions in these education technology coaching lessons. The only way educators can use educational tech to its full potential is by truly understanding how it works, meaning that they should ask any questions about the system they may have. 

With that being said, they need to discuss work with their education technology coaching professor. It may even be more productive for them to ask their colleagues for help, which could then help form strong relationships between co-workers. 

Form Groups

It may be helpful to form groups within the education technology coaching classes. This way, if any educators have questions or concerns outside of the classroom, they can discuss them with their colleagues. 

There are lots of apps and tools that educators can use to supplement these groups. For example, a new app called Pedagogue and its “virtual classroom” feature will allow educators to communicate and collaborate from remote locations. 

Learn From One Another

All educators will use education technology differently in their classrooms, producing different results and degrees of efficiency. This versatility makes it very easy for different educators to learn from each other. 

For example, if one educator finds that incorporating educational technology into lessons is very successful, other educators could try that method. This promotes collaboration between educators, which will result in better relationships and bonds being formed. 


Educators can use education technology coaching lessons as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between their co-workers. To begin, they should not be afraid to ask questions when they are confused. 

Instead of asking the education technology coach, educators should feel comfortable asking their colleagues, and by doing so promote a wholesome relationship. The educators could also form groups to learn from each other outside of the workplace.

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