How to Check if Your Nintendo Switch is Moddable


Modding has always been a popular activity among gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, modding can involve anything from installing custom firmware to unlocking additional features. However, not all Nintendo Switch consoles are moddable, and attempting to mod an incompatible device can result in costly consequences. This article will guide you through the process of determining if your Nintendo Switch is moddable.Step 1: Identify your Nintendo Switch model

Before you begin, it’s crucial to ensure you have the correct model of the Nintendo Switch. The first-generation (HAC-001) is more likely to be compatible with modding, while later models (HAC-001(-01) and HAC-00*) generally have improved security measures that prevent modifications.

To identify your model, check the box or the console itself for an alphanumeric serial number. Once you have this information, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Verify your serial number

The serial number is a key indicator of whether your console is moddable or not. To determine this, navigate to websites like “Is My Switch Patched” or “My Switch Info.” Enter your serial number on these sites, and they will inform you if your console is vulnerable to potential hacks or natively resistant.

A general rule of thumb is that lower serial numbers are more likely to be moddable. However, always double-check with a reliable source before jumping into any modding activities.

Step 3: Researching appropriate exploits and mods

If you confirm that your Nintendo Switch is moddable, research different exploits and mods available for your specific console version. An exploit called “Fusee Gelee” allows modification ]on most older devices but not on patched consoles. Other hacks like “SysMineru” may only work on specific firmware versions.

Visit trusted forums and websites like GBATemp or Reddit to gather information and resources on modding in the Nintendo Switch community. Be cautious about the source you choose to avoid scams or malware.

Step 4: Proceed with caution and follow guidelines

Once you’re confident that your Nintendo Switch can be modded, proceed with extreme caution. Modding is an unauthorized activity, and it can result in voiding your warranty or banning your console from Nintendo’s online services. Follow community guidelines and safety advocacies suggested by experienced modders before attempting any modifications. Remember, you’re responsible for any undesired consequences that may arise as a result of modding.


Checking if your Nintendo Switch is moddable should be approached carefully and responsibly. Ensure that you have verified your console’s model, serial number, and compatibility before considering any modification attempts. Also, remember that Nintendo does not support unofficial modding activities – so always tread cautiously to protect your device and gaming experience.

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