How to Create a Throwaway Account on Reddit


Reddit is a popular social media platform where individuals can share news, discuss various topics, and engage with like-minded users. Sometimes, people prefer to participate in discussions or post content anonymously by creating a throwaway account. A throwaway account is an alternate or temporary account created on Reddit for situations where you may want to protect your main account’s identity or reputation. This article will guide you through the steps to create a throwaway account on Reddit.

Step 1: Open the Reddit Website

Visit the Reddit website by navigating to

Step 2: Sign up for an Account

Click the “Sign Up” button located at the top right corner of the homepage. A sign-up window will appear.

Step 3: Provide your Email (Optional)

Reddit will ask for your email address, but this step is optional if you’re creating a throwaway account. Since this account is meant for temporary or anonymous use, providing your email address is not necessary. Simply click “Next” to continue.

Step 4: Choose a Unique Username

You will be prompted to choose a username for your throwaway account. Select one that doesn’t have any connection to your primary Reddit account or any other online accounts you may have. This ensures that your anonymity remains protected.

Step 5: Set a Password

Enter a strong password that you will be able to remember easily but difficult for others to guess. The password should be unique and not used with any of your other accounts.

Step 6: Complete the Sign-Up Process

Confirm that you’re not a robot by completing the captcha challenge presented. After you’ve successfully entered the captcha, click “Sign Up” again. You now have a throwaway account on Reddit.


A throwaway account allows users to post content and engage in conversations on Reddit anonymously and without jeopardizing the user’s main account. Creating a throwaway account is a simple and straightforward process. Remember to keep your throwaway account separate from your primary account and utilize it only when necessary to maintain your online privacy.

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