How To Deal With 6-Year-Old’s Tantrums

It is typical for six-year-olds to get upset when they are not given what they want. Tantrums may start as a way of teaching them that they can’t have what they want and that they need to be more careful. However, if tantrums are not dealt with properly, they can become a problem. Here are some tips to help you deal with six-year-olds who become upset:

1. Don’t React Out Of Turn

If you see a tantrum happening, don’t start reacting out of turn. This could backfire and cause the tantrum to escalate. Instead, take a step back and see the situation from the child’s perspective.

2. Explain The Reason For The Tantrum

When the tantrum is happening because the child is feeling frustrated, it may be helpful to explain the reason for the frustration. This could include pointing out how the situation is going wrong, telling the child that they are doing something wrong, or giving the child a toy to play with.

3. Don’t Be A Stigma

If you see the tantrum as a sign that the child is not well-behaved, don’t start acting out of turn yourself. This could backfire and create a negative image for the child. Instead, try to be a role model and set a good example for them.

4. Help The Child With The Toy

If it’s difficult for the child to get the toy, help them by picking it up and handing it to them. This will help to get the toy into the child’s hands.

5. Don’t Be Overbearing

If you are feeling overbearing, you may not be doing enough to help the child. Try to be gentle and patient while you help the child with the toy.

6. Offer Solutions

When the tantrum is continuing even after the child has been offered a solution, it may be time to take a step back. This could include giving the child a time-out, telling them why the toy isn’t working or telling the child that they are being difficult.

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