How To Establish An Effective Reading Program

One of the most challenging tasks that an educator could ever have is teaching a group of young students how to read. Often, the students would rather talk to their friends than pay attention to the lesson. For this reason, they will need to find a way to capture the attention of students and meet the learning needs of every child in the class. 

In this article, we will discuss a few of the most successful ways teachers can establish an effective reading program. 

Use Various Resources

One of the easiest and most effective ways teachers can capture students’ attention is by using various reading resources. 

There is a massive range of children’s books out there for you to choose from – this includes rhyming books, picture books, storybooks, and more. 

Use Repetition 

When it comes to learning how to read, repetition is critical. There are so many letters and sounds to match that the children can often become confused and overwhelmed. 

For this reason, teachers should only teach small portions of the work at once and use repetition to drill this work into their memories. Activities such as match-the-column, crosswords, and fill-the-gap are great for this. 

Memorization plays a significant role in the process of learning how to read. Because of this, certain sections should be worked through over multiple lessons. 

Track The Progress Of Students

One of the most critical aspects of teaching students how to read is monitoring their progress. This could be done through various tests. 

For example, many teachers enjoy using individual reading assessments to determine the abilities of students. During this process, the teacher will call up one student to read a paragraph of text. 

In this way, the educator will determine exactly which mistakes are common amongst the students. For instance, if every student is struggling to pronounce the ‘ch’ sound, the teacher should adjust their lessons to prioritize this specific sound’s pronunciation. 

This will make their teaching much more effective, as it is geared towards the students’ needs and mistakes. 

Concluding Thoughts

Teaching young students how to read is a challenging task. To make their lessons as effective as possible, teachers should make use of various resources. 

For example, there is a wide variety of reading materials to choose from. They should also use repetition in their lessons and track students’ progress using different assessments and tests.

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