How To Expand Your Child’s Word Knowledge

You keep learning about new words every other day. Whether you read it somewhere or someone says it to you. As a child, you’re susceptible to more of these situations as teachers and everyone around you are trying to help you learn about more words. While it might seem like a difficult thing to do, it doesn’t have to be. 

There are a couple of strategies for vocabulary to implement to expand the word knowledge. It is more important for parents and instructors to help children grasp new strategies to learn more words and concepts to build their vocabulary. Proper curriculum mapping can help implement the strategies better. 

Vocabulary Paint Chips

The first one is the vocabulary paint chips strategy. Here, there is a focus on mixing learning through color play. You need to get a hold of paint chips or strips that you can get from any hardware store. 

Now, this strategy requires two basic things from you. One part is to find one colored paint strips and spell words on this. 

Then, on the other colors, you can write the different variations of the same word. For instance, the versions of illuminate, such as illumination and illuminating. Now, on other colors of the paint strips, you can add the synonyms of the words. 

So, for illuminate, the synonym would be brighten or enlighten. Add the element of positive reinforcement with this, and you will see children using this method for their learning. 

Semantic Gradients

The other method to incorporate for your child’s learning is the semantic gradients. This is a method through which your child not only learns more words but they are also able to understand their meanings better. Using sight words is one way to do this as well. 

The way that semantic gradients work is by giving students one word to relate to another word. These words come in different degrees and shades of meaning to help children understand them better. 

They are given a range of words to decipher, which works well with the word you have given them. Typically, children work in groups to enhance this learning better than ever. 

Concluding Thoughts

It isn’t easy to get children to learn more about words. However, using the right strategies can help ensure that your child can expand their word knowledge correctly. Using education apps and more can help in this process better. 

You will find vocabulary paint chips and semantic gradients strategies to help your children get a better grip on more expansive words than ever before. Plan it all out so that you can incorporate these in their learning for the better.

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