How to Find and Remove Duplicates in Numbers on Mac


When working with data in spreadsheets, duplicated content can often cause confusion and lead to inaccurate results. Hence, it becomes crucial to identify and remove duplicate data points efficiently. Apple’s Numbers application on Mac offers several easy-to-use features to find and eliminate duplicates, helping you maintain a clean and reliable dataset.

Identifying Duplicates in Numbers

1. Open the Numbers app on your Mac and launch the spreadsheet containing the data you wish to check for duplicates.

2. Select all the cells in the column or row where you want to find duplicates by clicking on the header (column) or row number.

3. Now, click on “Format” in the top navigation bar and then choose “Conditional Highlighting” from the drop-down menu.

4. Under “Rule” select “Cell contains,” then pick “Duplicate value” from the list of options that appear.

5. Customize how you want duplicates to be highlighted by choosing a format such as font style, color or background color. Click “Done” when you are satisfied with your formatting choices.

Duplicates are now visually highlighted, making them easier to spot within your spreadsheet.

Removing Duplicates in Numbers

1. To remove duplicate entries, first select all cells in the column where duplicates exist.

2. Click on “Organize” in the top navigation bar, followed by choosing “Sort & Filter”.

3. Now select “Filter” from the options listed under “Sort & Filter”.

4. In the filter menu that appears beside your selected data, click “Add a Filter Rule”.

5. Set the rule to exclude duplicate values by selecting “Unique value only”. Hit “Done” after choosing this option.

The duplicate data points are now filtered out, leaving only unique entries visible in your spreadsheet.


Finding and removing duplicates is essential for maintaining accurate datasets in any spreadsheet application like Apple’s Numbers on Mac. By following these simple steps, you can identify and eliminate duplicate content with ease, ensuring that your data remains consistent and reliable for whatever purpose it serves.

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