How to Get an Xbox Live Gold Subscription for Free


Xbox Live Gold subscription is sought after by many Xbox gaming enthusiasts. With perks like online multiplayer, free games every month, and exclusive discounts on games at the Microsoft Store, obtaining a free Xbox Live Gold subscription can be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore various ways to get that Xbox Live Gold subscription for free.

Method 1: Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a program offered by Microsoft which allows users to earn points by completing different tasks, such as searching with Bing, using Microsoft services, or shopping in the Microsoft Store. These points can be redeemed for various gift cards, including an Xbox Live Gold subscription. To start earning points:

1. Sign up for a Microsoft Rewards account if you haven’t already.

2. Complete daily tasks and challenges provided on the Microsoft Rewards homepage to earn points.

3. Participate in quizzes, polls, and special offers to accumulate additional points.

4. Redeem your accumulated points for an Xbox Live Gold subscription once you reach the required threshold.

Method 2: Utilize Free Trial Codes

Most new Xbox consoles come with a free trial code for Xbox Live Gold. If you’ve recently purchased an Xbox or received it as a gift, check for any trial codes included in the packaging or accessories. While this method might only grant you a week or month of free subscription, it’s still a great way to experience the benefits of having one without spending any money.

Method 3: Third-party Giveaways

Many websites and influencers from the gaming community organize contests or giveaways where they offer free Xbox Live Gold memberships as prizes. By following popular gaming websites or influencers on social media platforms like Twitter and joining their giveaways, you might have a chance at winning a subscription.

Keep in mind that not all giveaways are genuine; some might be scams aimed at stealing your personal information or promoting malware. Be cautious before sharing any sensitive information or downloading files from unknown sources.

Method 4: Sharing Subscriptions with Friends

Xbox Live Gold allows users to share their subscription with friends through the “Home Xbox” feature. By designating a friend’s console as your “Home Xbox,” you can grant them access to your subscription privileges, including Xbox Live Gold benefits. In return, arrange with your friend to do the same for you, effectively granting each other access to free Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.


Securing an Xbox Live Gold subscription for free might require some effort and time. However, through Microsoft Rewards, free trial codes, third-party giveaways, or sharing subscriptions, it’s possible to unlock this premium service and elevate your Xbox gaming experience without spending a dime. Keep an eye on these methods and enjoy all the perks that an Xbox Live Gold subscription offers!

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