How to Get the Best Teacher Deals on Target Deal Days


Target Deal Days offer incredible savings opportunities for everyone, including teachers. With a wide range of products and discounts, it’s the perfect time for educators to stock up on classroom essentials without breaking the bank. Here’s an insightful guide on how to make the most out of Target Deal Days and secure fantastic teacher deals.

1. Sign up for a Target RedCard:

Target’s RedCard is a must-have if you’re looking to save big during Deal Days. Not only does it provide an additional 5% discount on all purchases, but it also grants exclusive access to special promotions and deals. To sign up, visit your local Target store or their website.

2. Register for the Teacher Prep Event:

Generally held in July, Target’s Teacher Prep Event offers educators an exclusive discount on school supplies, classroom storage solutions, and more. To receive these extra savings, remember to register beforehand.

3. Keep an eye on teacher-specific deals:

Ahead of Target Deal Days, browse through their website or weekly ad to identify any teacher-specific deals that you might particularly benefit from. For instance, check for discounts on electronics that can enhance your classroom experience such as tablets and smart speakers.

4. Join the Target Circle loyalty program:

Target Circle is a free loyalty program offering personalized discounts (up to 50% off), bonus offers, and cashback rewards for charity donations. You can join online or via the Target app and simply scan your barcode at checkout to accumulate points and redeem offer.

5. Monitor social media channels:

Keep an eye on Target’s social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for special teacher-focused announcements as well as limited-time offers that can be quickly sold out.

6. Create a shopping list in advance:

Before embarking on your shopping spree during Target Deal Days, make a list of necessary school supplies, classroom essentials, and teaching tools. List organization by priority will help you focus your search and quickly grab hold of the best deals on items you truly need.

7. Spruce up your organizational skills:

Target Deal Days include discounts on storage solutions such as bins, shelves, and totes. Invest in these items to create an organized, clutter-free classroom that promotes effective learning.

8. Ask for help from fellow teachers:

Share information about upcoming Target Deal Days with your colleagues and friends in the education community, and encourage an exchange of advice regarding the best deals each of you have found. Collaboration can help optimize your savings.


With diligent research, resourceful planning, and strategic shopping, teachers can reap significant benefits during Target Deal Days. From stocking up on essential classroom supplies to purchasing valuable teaching tools on a budget, this annual event is truly a blessing for educators. Happy shopping!

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