How to help high school students find a career

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 30 percent of teens and young adults work in the leisure and hospitality industry. While those jobs are usually entry level and easy to attain, they aren’t necessarily career defining.

In addition to working entry level positions, most high school students aren’t exactly sure of what career path to take after high school.

To help them with such an important decision, Myverse has launched a new tool that will match high school students with a potential career path.

Myverse, “an online and mobile resource for middle school and high school students,” is a device that students may use to help them with selecting which career may best suit them.

One of the goals of Myverse is for students to at least have an idea of what career may interest them prior to stepping foot on a college campus.

Wayne Sharp, Myverse founder and president, believes that this test may change our future workforce for the better.

“Education shouldn’t be about getting through the next lesson or the next test, it’s bigger than that.  We as adults need to contextualize education in a way students can make real world connections with what they’re learning, especially when considering what they will do after graduation.  Myverse provides the starting point in this quest for students and teachers alike.”

As our economy continues to grow and change and the world’s workforce becomes more diverse, allowing students to explore career options that may be available to them before going to college is just another way to better prepare them for the future.

For more information on Myverse and to take the free career test, please visit

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