How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

We all want our children to get the most from their education. However, we cannot expect our kids to excel in the classroom without some involvement from ourselves. Many parents might wonder how they can impact their student’s grades. The answer is simple, be involved. Follow these rules with your children and watch them succeed at school.

Be Present

Attend parent-teacher meetings, sporting events or presentations as often as possible. Show your children that you prioritize learning. Make sure you know your child’s class schedule and syllabus. Writing important due dates and projects on a family calendar can help track your kid’s progress.

This step is especially important. Your involvement from the time your child enters school sets a precedent. You are showing them how committed to education you are. Studies have shown parent involvement can reduce behavioral problems and improve performance.

Teach Study and Organization Skills

Young children should learn how to prioritize their time with a fun daily schedule. For preschool kids, scheduling reading time is a good start. All kids can benefit from routine which includes daily chores and study time. Creating a reward-based system can help your children track their own progress and take charge of their learning.

Keep in mind that each child learns in his or her own way. Identifying your child’s learning style will help you develop a study and organization plan. Teaching good study habits should begin before your child enters first grade and continue as they age.

Prepare Your Child to Learn

Establishing a routine will help your kid tackle morning and evening duties. Be sure to include time for breakfast and packing a healthy lunch. Children who have a hearty breakfast perform better in school and focus more easily.

Also, include homework time in your evening schedule. Another important daily routine is to check your child’s work and help them pack their bag for the following morning. Preparation is key to success in school, especially in the early years.

Discuss School Regularly

Make it a point to talk about your child’s classes and activities regularly. Having a review of what they’ve learned each night at dinner or once a week, is a great way to follow up. Showing your child that you care about the effort they put in, as well as the results is helpful to encourage their active participation in class.

We all know kids can sometimes clam up about school, so incorporate creative solutions to get your child to open up about their day. Try not to get stuck asking the same tired question each day, so you can get new and illuminating responses.

While nothing you do will guarantee your children’s success in school, following these easy steps will help them on the path to successful learning. Remember, the most effective tool we can use to influence our children is setting the right example.

What ways do you encourage learning at home? How do you keep involved in your kid’s schoolwork? We want to hear your experiences!

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