How to Implement Personalized Learning

Personalized learning describes various things, from the evolution of teaching skills to enhanced curricula to breakthrough digital technologies. Through tailored learning to individual student’s strengths and needs, teachers can provide flexibility and support to help the students achieve as much as possible — and possibly lower achievement gaps at the same time.

The best way to get started with personalized learning is through good research and planning. Professional development for all teachers involved is critical. Schools need a solid Wi-Fi network to support the flexibility required for the student devices in the classroom space. Some districts also move to the non-traditional grading standards.

Traditional classrooms can be used for personalized learning. Many districts create collaborative learning spaces, such as an environment for personalized learning where students can work in small groups or with a teacher.

Digital content, including textbooks, video lectures, experiments, and field trips are ways to implement personalized learning. Beyond digital media, interactive content that tracks the student’s understanding and accelerates progress or provides supplemental lessons to ensure competent of the subject is the next step.

Technology really does make personalized learning possible in today’s classrooms. Odysseyware, a Chandler, Arizona based provider of enriched online education courses for students in grades K-12, revealed the launch of its ground-breaking School Transformation Series. The learning opportunities will emphasize the ways schools across the nation are implementing original strategies to change and improve learning for students.

The models are ushering an era of customized learning pathways, student choice, and teacher empowerment. The focus is on competency-based education and learning. Virtual and on-site events will be accessible to all educators interested in transforming how students learn in their district.

Each week, the School Transformation Series will feature blog posts, live and virtual events that encourage educational leaders to share best practices and talk about the successful strategies that are making an impact on the lives of students and their communities.

Odysseyware provides education solutions in the subjects of history, geography, language arts, math, and science. There is also web-based curriculum available for professional development.

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