How to Implement Poster Presentations in Your Classroom


A poster presentation is an effective way to demonstrate knowledge and skills at the end of a lesson or unit. Provide learners with posters, pens, and printing materials if required.


  • A fast, effective way of presenting a new idea, skill, or concept to the class.
  • Allows learners to practice skills.
  • Culminates with a physical product that can be photographed and added to the learner’s portfolio to prove that learning outcomes have been met.


  • Can be a haphazard way of teaching. Make sure the focus stays on the content and not coloring-in or drawing pretty pictures.
  • Not useful for every lesson; when learners can create a working model or diagram, that would be preferred.


  1. Have learners work in groups to visually demonstrate lesson mastery.
  2. Then, have each group present their poster to the class.
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