How to Implement the 60-Second Method in the Classroom


The 60-second method involves having learners review one another’s work in three steps, which takes 60 seconds each. The steps are respond, reflect, and review. This usually happens after a learner presentation where the learners give a cumulative 3 minutes of feedback and reflection on the performance. The goal is not just to provide feedback to the presenter, but for the audience to also think about how they would have done the presentation and what their thoughts on the topic are.


  • Learners learn how to give feedback to others in positive and constructive ways.
  • This is an excellent way for learners to actively engage with other learners’ presentations.


  • Learners need to know how to be positive in feedback and not be hurtful.


  1. Have the learner who is presenting their work give their presentation.
  2. The learners who watched the presentation have 60 seconds to write their thoughts on the topic that was presented.
  3. Next, the learners have 60 seconds to write down feedback on the presenter’s work.
  4. Then the learners have 60 seconds to provide positive affirmation and praise.
  5. In the end, have the learners share their feedback with the presenter in small groups.
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