How to Implement the Character Quote Teaching Strategy in Your Classroom

Learners begin by reading a character’s quotation from the content. Based on the quotation, learners predict the perspectives, personality traits, and behaviors of the character they will soon meet in their reading. After reading, learners revisit and discuss their predictions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Make and verify predictions
  • Stimulate interest and curiosity
  • Set a Purpose for reading


  1. Preview the content to find central quotes from a character or historical figure. Make sure the quotations by or about the character are interesting enough to generate discussion.
  2. Organize learners into groups of four to five. Provide each group with a different quotation to consider. Each group must read their quote and generate as many adjectives as it can that may describe the character based on the quotation.
  3. After the groups have written down the adjectives, call on each group to read their quote and display their list of adjectives.
  4. Explain to the other learners that their job is to listen carefully and focus on whether they think the adjectives fit with the quote.
  5. After the group has provided all the adjectives, ask the class if any adjectives do not fit. There is no correct or incorrect answer; but, the entire group must buy into it. Ask, “Why did you put         on your list?” The first group explains its reasoning before the next group presents.
  6. Have learners read the content and determine which adjectives are most/least accurate, based on their reading. Require learners to cite evidence from the content that supports their adjectives.
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