How to Implement the Trouble Slips Teaching Strategy in Your Classroom

Learners make notes on pieces of paper, highlighting words, phrases, and passages that are giving them the hardest time. These slips can provide discussion topics for the following day as learners ask each other for clarification on their trouble spots.

Learning Outcome

  • Monitor comprehension


  1. In this learning activity, learners are given slips of paper, roughly the size of bookmarks.
  2. As learners read, they should take note of their trouble spots in the content or places where comprehension begins to falter.
  3. After reading the content, learners are placed in groups and asked to share their trouble spots with their peers.
  4. In their groups, they try to work through the confusion.


  • This teaches learners that confusion is typical.
  • Through discussions with peers, learners are often able to deal with their confusion without the assistance of the instructor.
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