How to Implement the Two in One Teaching Strategy in Your Classroom

Composing a sentence for each new vocabulary work is a time-honored, learning activity. With a small twist, it can be turned into a compelling review. Ask learners to put two (or more) words into each sentence.

Learning Outcome

  • Review word meanings


Present learners with a list and ask them to make up sentences that include multiple words from the list. It is helpful to allow learners to change the word forms, utilizing, for instance, glancing or glanced instead of a glance. To increase the amount of thinking as well as conversational use of the terms, ask learners to work in small groups or pairs. After five minutes of writing, each group reads their sentence to the class. The instructor should circulate while the learners work and help them refine their sentences.

This simple learning activity has many instructional advantages. By utilizing two words in one sentence, learners form conceptual connections between them. Allowing learners to use different forms of a word helps them practice using base words and their derivatives.

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