How To Know If Your Child’s IEP Accommodations Are Working?

If your child has an IEP, you must monitor their progress in school. This is important to ensure that the accommodations made are affecting their education. If they are not, you and their teacher need to take the necessary action to ensure that they receive additional services. 

However, how can you be sure that these accommodations are working? In this article, we will be discussing a few questions that you should ask the teacher concerning your child’s academic progress. Also, we will mention precisely what accommodations are. 

What Are Accommodations?

In short, accommodations are changes made to the regular teaching process to make learning easier for students who struggle with learning disabilities

For example, if your child has dyslexia, they may be able to take an oral test instead of the usual written one. In this way, they will still complete the same work as the other students while not being at a significant disadvantage. 

These accommodations are made to give them access to general education and help them meet their IEP goals. 

How To Know If These Accommodations Have an Effect

It is improbable that you will be given updates directly related to their progress in school. With this being said, there are a few ways that you and the teacher can work together to monitor their improvement. 

It is recommended that you ask the teacher for updates every now and again. This can be discussed during IEP meetings or parent-teacher conferences. Also, you could e-mail each other after major tests or exams.

Questions To Ask the Teacher

There are a few essential questions that you should ask the teacher to get a thorough understanding of your child’s progress. These include:

  • Are the accommodations being implemented daily?
  • Is the child using these accommodations regularly?
  • How much does the child participate in class?
  • Does the child ask questions when they are confused?
  • Are the child’s overall results improving?

Concluding Thoughts

Parents must monitor their child’s progress in school. This is especially true if the student struggles with a learning disability and has an IEP. 

Accommodations are changes made to a teacher’s routine to make life easier for students with learning disabilities. To monitor the benefits of these accommodations, teachers, and parents should communicate frequently.

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