How to Make a Cheap, Simple Lawn Sprinkler System


Watering the lawn can be a time-consuming and expensive task, especially during the summer months. With the cost of water rising and people looking for effective ways to save both time and money, a cheap and simple lawn sprinkler system is the perfect solution. In this article, we will guide you through creating your own affordable lawn sprinkler system using easily accessible materials.

Materials Needed:

1. PVC pipe (1/2 inch diameter)

2. PVC couplings, elbows, and end caps

3. Garden hose

4. Hose adapter for PVC pipe

5. Sprinkler heads (adjustable)

6. Teflon tape or plumber’s tape

7. PVC primer and cement

8. Pipe cutter or hacksaw

9. Measuring tape

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Plan your sprinkler system: Determine the size of your lawn, how many sprinkler heads you need, and where to place them in order to cover maximum area evenly.

2. Measure and cut the PVC pipes: Based on your plan, measure and cut the required lengths of PVC pipes using the pipe cutter or hacksaw.

3. Assemble the PVC pipe system: Connect the cut pieces of PVC pipes using couplings and elbows following your planned layout. Ensure that each connection is tightly sealed with Teflon tape.

4. Attach the sprinkler heads: In appropriate spots along the PVC pipe system, install adjustable sprinkler heads facing upwards.

5. Prepare for connection to a water source: Place an end cap on one end of the system and attach a hose adapter on the other end.

6. Prime and cement connections: Apply PVC primer on all the connections followed by PVC cement to ensure they are watertight.

7. Connect to a water source: Attach your garden hose to the hose adapter on your sprinkler system. Test the connection for leaks and fix them using Teflon tape or more PVC cement if required.

8. Test your sprinkler system: Turn on the water and observe how well the sprinkler heads are distributing water on your lawn. Adjust their angles as needed for maximum effectiveness.

9. Bury your PVC pipes (optional): If you prefer not to see the PVC pipes on your lawn, consider burying them by digging shallow trenches and placing the PVC pipe system inside.


A cheap, simple lawn sprinkler system is an easy way to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn without breaking the bank. With this guide, you can create a functional and affordable sprinkler solution that will keep your lawn green and lush throughout the year.

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