How to offer interactive technology in the classroom

As technology continues to grow, our classrooms, educators, and students grow with it. Promethean, a company that creates technology solutions in education, has created a new tool called ClassFlow Connect.

ClassFlow Connect is “a wireless classroom collaboration system that enables teachers and students to connect, interact, and instantly share ideas and information.”

Students can now potentially share homework, ideas, websites, and etc. with the entire room “from any mobile device to the primary classroom display for whole-class viewing and interaction.”

Instead of students trudging up to the chalkboard to share an idea or to present a project or homework to the entire class, ClassFlow Connect will allow them to do so straight from a mobile device at their desks.

By using Chromebooks, notebook computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones, Promethean has created a new lane for students to learn and for teachers to share.

“Dynamic classroom instruction requires interactivity, movement, collaboration, and the constant interchange of ideas and concepts,” said chief marketing officer at Promethean, Vincent Young.

Another great way that ClassFlow Connect enhances the classroom experience as well as student teacher interaction is that it allows teachers to sent students “web page images with live links and notes.” It truly is an interactive tool that connects with students on a level that each may enjoy and understand.

But in addition to the great benefits of ClassFlow Connect, it also offers WiFi connections, IT support for tracking and troubleshooting purposes, and isn’t a big, bulky machine that needs support by wires or plugs.

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