How to Rebuild Your Child’s Self-Esteem After Bullying

More than twenty percent of all kids are now admitting that they have been openly bullied at school or on social media. The cause for most bullying revolves around a child’s appearance, whether that means their body shape or the color of their skin.

Your child may suffer many long-term side effects of this bullying, ranging from social anxiety to depression. Not surprisingly, it’s their self-esteem that takes the largest nosedive following prolonged bullying.

Once you know that your child’s low self-esteem has been caused by the careless actions of their classmates, how do you help them gain confidence? If you’re struggling to help your child boost their confidence and rebuild self-esteem, these small steps may help them almost immediately.

Help them explore something new.

It can be difficult to put yourself out there when trying something new. Give your child a new environment where they may thrive, and encourage them to stick with it. Has your daughter always expressed an interest in pottery? Perhaps your son is mechanically-inclined enough to participate in robotics. Find a place where they can learn new skills and engage with new people.

When they discover hidden talents, your child will learn to be more confident overall. This also gives them a new outlet to make friends, apart from the children who bullied them in school.

Teach them to express themselves.

Does your child strictly follow the latest fashion trends but prefers more eclectic attire? Encourage your child to follow their true passions and express themselves. When they wear clothing or get a haircut they truly love, they will naturally feel more confident. Particularly because the majority of bullying revolves around appearance, help your child’s self-esteem by teaching them to love their appearance.

Show them how to stand up for themselves.

Young children often lack the language to defend themselves against bullies. If you notice that your child is taunted about the same things on a daily basis, teach them how to stand up for themselves. They will feel empowered and more independent, which can be a serious self-esteem booster.

Spend more time with your child.

Most parents already know that their children need lots of attention. One of the best ways to build your child up following bullying is to invest lots of time. Quality time and attention give your child the opportunity to share their struggles with you, and it creates more positive memories. When they go through difficult times, they can associate spending time with you as a relaxing activity and may request another “date day.”

Children who know they are valued by their parents tend to have higher self-esteem. Your acknowledgment of their best characteristics can rebuild poor self-esteem and negate the effect of bullying.

Bullying is a terrible experience for any child to go through. It creates a complex in children who wonder if they are really as terrible as bullies tell them they are. Practicing a few of these simple actions may make a huge difference when it comes to rebuilding your child’s self-esteem and teaching them to be confident about who they are.

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