How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Alaska

Renewal of Teaching Certification

Initial Teaching Licenses can not be renewed after their 3-year duration. During those 3 years, you have to meet the qualifications to obtain a Professional or Master License, as follows:

  • Professional Teacher License conditions:
    • Possess an Initial Teacher License
    • Possess two years of teaching experience
    • Finalize all educational conditions for an Initial Teacher License (including degree, teacher preparation program, Alaska Studies, Multicultural Studies)
    • Finalize recency credits
    • Pass the Praxis I and II
    • Be employed in an Alaska public school district
    • Have a finished fingerprint/criminal background check on file
    • Submit a finished Professional Teacher Certification application form, verification of the above through supporting docs, and fees to Department of Education & Early Development, Teacher Education and Certification, 801 West 10th Street, Suite 200, PO Box 110500, Juneau, AK 99811-0500
    • Your professional Teacher License is good for 5 years. Renewal requires:
      • Finalized recency credits
      • Employment in an Alaska public school district
      • Finalized/updated fingerprint/criminal background check
      • Finalized Renewal Application and fees
      • Submit all of the documents to the Alaska EDD at the above address
  • Master Teacher License conditions:
    • Possess a current Initial License or Professional License
    • Meet all of the conditions for a Professional License
    • Possess current National Board Certification issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
      • This requires 3 years of experience, a bachelor’s degree, passing the National Board Assessment, and paying application fees to NBPTS. For more info, call NBPTS at 1-800-22TEACH.
    • Submit finished Master Teacher Application, fees, and supporting documents to EDD at the address above
    • The Master Teacher License is good for ten years. Renewal requires:
      • Renewed National Board Certification
      • Recency credits
      • Confirmation of employment in Alaska public school
      • The finished renewal application and fees
      • Submit the above documents to the Alaska EDD at the address above 

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

If you possess a Professional or Master Alaska Teacher License that has been lapsed for over 12 months, you can apply for a Reemployment License. It is good for one year only and is not renewable.

  • Finalize the Renewal or Reinstatement Application and mail to EDD at the address above with fees, official transcripts, verification of employment in an Alaska public school district, finished fingerprint card.
  • If your teacher license has been lapsed for more than 12 months, you have to reapply for Initial Teacher Certification.
  • I the year that your Reemployment License is in effect, you have to complete all conditions to obtain a Professional or Master Teacher License.


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