How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Idaho

Renewal of Teaching Certification

Your Idaho teaching license is good for 5 years, at which time it has to be renewed. You have to complete 6 PD credits during these 5 years before the renewal of your license. Documentation of this PD does not need to be submitted with your Renewal Application, but you have to keep it in your files if the State Board of Education conducts an audit. License renewals can also be conducted online.

For PD credits to count towards renewal, they have to meet these conditions:

  • They have to be specifically related to your PD as an educator
  • They have to be tied to the content areas in which you are certified to teach
  • They have to pertain to the pedagogical best practices of an educator
  • At least 3-semester credits of the total of 6 PD credits have to be taken via college or university credit courses
  • You can substitute in-service hours for up to 3 of the 6 semester credit hours required for license renewal. Document them via this form.
  • You have to provide official transcripts upon request to verify credits taken through an accredited college or university.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

Suppose you wish to reinstate an Idaho teaching license/credential that has been lapsed for a year or more. In that case, you can obtain a non-renewable interim license good for 3 years. This will enable you to complete the conditions necessary to obtain a standard 5-year license. File this form to start the reinstatement process. View this link for more details.

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