How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Maine

Renewal of Teaching Certification

Once you obtain your Maine Provisional Teaching License, it is good for two years. It is not renewable except under exceptional circumstances. After two years, you have to apply for a Professional Teaching License. To obtain this license, you have to meet the standards for professional growth, entailing the following:

  • Completing 6-semester credits of college study in each of your licensure area(s)
  • Having taught full-time in Maine for the past two years
  • Finish the induction program for new teachers at your school
  • Meeting the conditions of your Professional Certification Action Plan (PCAP)
  • Obtaining a recommendation for renewal from your school admins.

A PCAP has to be instituted every time you move from one level of licensure to the other. Your needs and weaknesses are identified and targeted, your classroom performance is observed at least 3 times over two years.

To apply for renewal of a Professional License after 5 years, you have to prepare and implement a renewal plan for 6 credits of sanctioned study in each of your licensure area(s).

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

If you held a Provisional or Professional License that has lapsed, you would be issued a Provisional License as long as you meet the conditions (i.e., you have to submit a finished application package as you did when you applied for initial licensure). Once you show that you have finished at least 6 credits in each of your licensure area(s) and have met any educational conditions, you will be issued a Professional License.

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