How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Missouri

Renewal of Teaching Certification

Once you obtain your initial Missouri teaching license, it is good for 4 years. To renew it, you have to fulfill specific conditions during those 4 years, including:

  • Finalize 30 contact hours of PD
  • Finalize two years of mentoring, determined by your school district
  • Develop and implement a PD plan which is placed on file with your school district
  • Participate in your district’s yearly performance-based assessment program

If you wish to upgrade your license to a Career-Continuous license, you have to complete 15 hours of PD each year and maintain a PD plan. You become exempt from reporting PD to the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education if you meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Have 10 years of experience as a licensed teacher
  • Earn the next highest college degree beyond your current
  • Become nationally certified to teach

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

If you do not renew your Missouri teaching license, you can reinstate it by completing 24 hours of PD within 6 months of reactivating the license. If you stop teaching and return later, the school district that hires you will suggest PD activities and verify that you have fulfilled their recommendations.

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