How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Montana

Renewal of Teaching Certification

Your Class 2 Standard Montana Teaching License is good for 5 years. To renew it, you have to file the Application to Renew a Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 Montana Educator License. You have to also complete a combination of college credits and OPI (Office of Public Instruction) renewal units from sanctioned providers. One of these credit combinations is required:

  • 3-semester college credits and 15 OPI renewal units
  • 4-semester college credits
  • 4 quarter college credits and 20 OPI renewal units
  • 5 quarter college credits and 10 OPI renewal units
  • 6 quarter college credits

College credits have to be from regionally accredited institutions. College transcripts confirming credits have to be sent directly to OPI. All OPI renewal units have to be offered by sanctioned providers and have to meet these qualifications. Your school district can direct you toward obtaining appropriate OPI renewal units.

Mail your renewal application, fees, and supporting dos to Montana Office of Public Instruction Attn: Educator Licensure PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

Has your Montana teaching license lapsed? It can be possible to have your license reinstated. Follow the correct path below your situation:

  1. Have you finished the right number of college credits/OPI units for renewal? If so, file the Application to Reinstate a Montana Educator License. Have transcripts forwarded to OPI and mail your materials to the address above. You have to also complete the section requiring a new fingerprint card and background check.
  2. Have you not yet finished the conditions for renewal/reinstatement? You have to apply for a Class 5 license. Utilize this Application for a Montana Class 5 Educator License. This will enable you to work in a Montana school district for 3 years while completing renewal conditions.
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