How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Nevada

Renewal of Teaching Certification

A Standard Teaching License is good for 5 years. To renew it, you have to complete 6 credits of PD during that time.

If you obtain National Board Certification, this counts for all 6 credits.

If you possess an advanced degree (master’s or above), two of your credits can be obtained by teaching or conducting a course at the college level.

You can apply for renewal nine months before your license lapses. Use the License Renewal Application. You have to include two finished fingerprint cards, official transcripts or licenses proving that you have finished the necessary PD credits, and an application renewal fee. Submit your info to the appropriate office of the NDOE: Northern Office, 700 East Fifth St., Suite 105, Carson City, NV 89701-5096; or Southern Office, 9890 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 231, Room 23405, Las Vegas, NV 89183.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

If your Nevada teaching license has lapsed, it can be reinstated under the right circumstances. Contact the Licensure Office at 702-486-6458, if you have any questions.

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